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Current Opportunities in Higher Education and Healthcare

Administrative Director - Surgical Services - Portsmouth, NH

Administrative Director of Caradiovascular Services - El Paso, TX

Administrative Director of Nursing-Cardiovascular ICU - San Antonio, TX

Associate Director of Nursing - Sacramento, CA

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Administrative Program Director - Nashville area, TN

Clinical Pharmacy Manager - Panama City, FL

Dean of Nursing - Delray Beach

Dean of Nursing - San Jose, CA

Dean of Nursing - St. Pete, FL

Dentist (for Dental Hygiene Program) - Sacramento, CA

Director of CVICU, Fort Pierce, FL

Director of Cardiovascular Services - Miami, FL & Austin, TX

Director of Case Management - Asheville, NC, Charleston, SC, & Jacksonville, FL

Director of Cath Lab RN - Fort Pierce, FL

Director of Emergency Services (7 positions) - Myrtle Beach, SC (2 positions), Fredricksburg, VA, San Antonio, TX, El Paso, TX, Lonetree, CO & Asheville, NC

Director of Emergency Services - Myrtle Beach, SC (2 positions), Augusta, GA, San Antonio, TX, Boerne, EX, Hopewell & Richmond, VA

Director of Med/Surg Oncology - Atlantis FL

Director of Medical Surgical Renal Transplant Unit - El Paso, TX

Director of Postpartum - Austin, TX

Director of Strategic Marketing - Nashville, TN

Director of Surgical Services (3 positions) -Ft. Pierce FL, Richmond, VA, Salem, VA

Director of Telemetry - Plantation, FL

Director of Trauma - Miami, FL

Division Director of Case Management - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dosimetrist - York, PA

Full-Time Didactic/Lab Nursing Faculty - Bingham Farms, MI

Manager of Social Services - San Jose, CA

Nurse Educator (hospital - 2 positions) - Wilmington, OH & Lander, Wyoming

Nurse Faculty - Boise, ID

Nurse Faculty - Madison, WI

Nurse Faculty, Sacramento, CA

Pharmacist - Laredo, TX

Pharmacy Operations Manager - Panama City, FL

Physicist - York, PA

Program Director for Surgical Technology - San Jose, CA

Senior Medical Physicist (2 positions) - York, PA

Sr Dosimetrist - York, PA

Supervising Dentist, (for Dental Hygeine Program) Sacramento, CA

Veterinarian (for Vet Tech program) - San Leandro, CA (near San Jose)

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