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Hard at Work

Our Process


The initial conversation consists of us taking time to explain our process which begins with discussing the position(s) to be recruited for and the fee for recruitment. This is typically a phone conversation or could be virtual, depending on the employers’ preference. The Recruiting Agreement is discussed and emailed to the employer.


Secondly, it is vital to obtain a good understanding of what the employer is looking for in terms of qualifications, credentials, requirements, and experience. In addition, the culture of the company or organization is discussed to gain an understanding of what type of candidate the employer needs for a good fit. This is also the time for the employer to “interview” us as the potential recruiter for the position(s).


 If the employer decides to move forward and hire us, the signed agreement will be returned to us and recruitment for the position(s) will start immediately.


The employer will be kept informed every step of the way, as will the candidate. The employer, in turn, will keep the recruiter informed of any steps in the process from their end.


We will submit qualified candidates to the employer after initial screening, based on expectations discussed in the initial conversation.


The employer will inform the recruiter of their choices to move forward and will follow the employers’ interview



When a candidate is selected by the employer, the offer will be delivered by the recruiter and the acceptance or denial of the offer by the candidate will be communicated to the employer ASAP.

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